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our ends are beginnings

(Sometimes I just reblog all the awesome things Beth Revis finds.)

Welcome to my humble abode. #Marrakech


I have an 8 hour shift tonight at 10 pm.. yet I haven’t slept since I woke up this morning at 8 am. I’ve been so stoked and nervous and just unable to rest my mind. After launching the site yesterday, it finally became a reality. So much change is going on in my life simultaneously, it’s a little startling. First, I found out that I was going to take over as the work center supervisor. That caught me off guard and the stress was undoubtedly present. Then I decided it was the perfect weekend to finally just put the website out there. To stop over-analyzing and being such a perfectionist and fine tuning every little detail. Am I ready for all of this? Who freaking knows, but I’m going for it. It’ll spice up my days and add a little more responsibility in my life.

But for now, I really just want to surf and clear my mind.


Christian Louboutin Spring/Summer 2014 by Peter Lippmann

Master of shoes Christian Louboutin has gone baroque for spring.

Teaming up once again with photographer Peter Lippmann, the images channel Impressionist artists such as Claude Monet and Vincent Van Gogh among others, creating a lookbook as masterful and alluring as the accessories featured.


How do you like them apples? Very much, thank you!


Made With Paper



I made these flowers for you, I hope they’ll do.

"Flowers for Vincent" is an 18" x 24" high quality giclee print on archival paper with a 1.5" white border. Prints are hand signed and numbered in a limited edition of 50, and are available for $50 at


Voters have chosen the winner of the False Memory cover redesign contest. And I have to say the winner is simply incredible. Thank you very much Morgan!

This looks terrific Dan! For those of you who haven’t already, check out Dan Krokos’ novel False Memory. You won’t want to put it down! (The cover is blue, by the way, not the image you see above).