I have an 8 hour shift tonight at 10 pm.. yet I haven’t slept since I woke up this morning at 8 am. I’ve been so stoked and nervous and just unable to rest my mind. After launching the site yesterday, it finally became a reality. So much change is going on in my life simultaneously, it’s a little startling. First, I found out that I was going to take over as the work center supervisor. That caught me off guard and the stress was undoubtedly present. Then I decided it was the perfect weekend to finally just put the website out there. To stop over-analyzing and being such a perfectionist and fine tuning every little detail. Am I ready for all of this? Who freaking knows, but I’m going for it. It’ll spice up my days and add a little more responsibility in my life.

But for now, I really just want to surf and clear my mind.








Knowing that he wouldn’t be there for her wedding, a terminally ill father walked his 11-year-old down the ‘aisle’ years early with the pastor sweetly pronouncing them ‘daddy and daughter’.

Jim Zetz, 62, from Murrieta, California, who has stage 4 pancreatic cancer, proudly held his daughter, Josie’s hand during their backyard ceremony on March 14 and placed a sparkling ring on her index finger.” 



at first i thought this was a story about a child bride and was like UGH

I watched the video of this yesterday. Had me bawling so hard :”(

….I cried, son….dammit, man.


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One of my favorite childhood movies. It fed my obsession for mermaids. Daryl Hannah is beautiful, and look at Tom Hanks—he’s a kid! ^_^

Splash (USA, 1984)

🐣🌿It’s springtime my babehs!

Daryl Hannah as Madison in Splash. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a mermaid so badly.

So delicious. #Genwa #Koreancuisine 🇰🇷